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AGES 12 to 14
The Laurus Leadership Program is geared to providing our young adults with the tools to be confident in themselves, to learn how to lead and impact those around them, and what their future roles may require of them. Most notably, the leadership program provides unique opportunities to learn through entrepreneurship, taking initiative around camp, and learning the power of empathy to give back to the community!
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Counsellor In Training

AGE 15
The Laurus Counsellor In Training Program is specially made for teens with an interest in working with kids. We offer three 3-week cycles throughout the summer. Teens will learn first aid, child care and leadership skills. They will also gain hands on experience by shadowing Laurus' Senior Counsellors every day. By the end of the 3-week program, teens will have the resources they need to potentially work at Laurus or any other summer camp in the future!
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Improved Leadership Program for Teens aged 12 to 14

Our new Leadership Program for teens has been remodelled to incorporate even more leadership skills, while making sure kids have fun! We have completely restructured the program into 5 categories:

Team Building

Team building activities will be done every day. They are designed to build trust and relationships between leadership teens. Our goal is for kids to leave our leadership program having made life long friendships.

Weekly Leadership Themes

Every week, the leadership team will explore a new theme. The summer will be split into 3 theme blocks: Entrepreneurship, #KIDSCAN and Growing Up. Kids will have guest speakers, work shops and projects all related to the different weekly themes.

Sports & Exercise

Physical activity becomes more and more important as kids get older. Once teens finish school, they need to know how to be active on their own. Our sports and exercise activities will give kids insight into how the body works and how to keep it healthy.


One of the most important things for teens to learn about is lifestyle. Things like cooking, applying for a job and choosing a course of study are all things that kids can't take classes on in school. We want to teach teens the things that a lot of us have struggled to figure out on our own.


Many kids grow less interested in expressing creativity as they grow older. We believe that if you cater these forms of expression to teens, they'll show more interest. Instead of forcing the kids to do the same arts and crafts as the little kids, we want to show them cool ways to express yourself. From photography, to sculpture and even amateur film making, teens will have new forms of expression at their disposal.

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New Counsellor In Training Program for Teens aged 15

Starting in the Summer of 2019 we will be launching a Counsellor In Training program for teens aged 15. There will be three 3-week sessions throughout the summer, of which teens only need to attend one.


First Session: June 24 to July 12

Second Session: July 15 to August 2

Third Session: August 5 to August 23

First Aid Training

Included in the cost for the programming is a first aid and CPR training course. We will be having the Red Cross visit once per session to administer the course. Teens will finish their CIT training with a First Aid & CPR certification card issued by the Red Cross.

Child Care Training

CIT participants will receive both formal and hands on child care training. They will take a babysitting course at the beginning of the session to introduce them to child care basics. In addition to this, they will be trained by our very own staff about camp basics. From here, each teen will be paired with an experienced counsellor to shadow. This counsellor will serve as their mentor and will offer them constant feedback.

Hands On Experience

The CIT program offers plenty of hands on experience. As a part of the mentorship program with our experienced counsellors, CIT participants will be guided in running activities. The teens will begin by shadowing and will progressively take on the roles of a counsellor. By the end of their session, they will be able to run an entire activity block, from the planning through to the execution.

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