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Leadership Program

AGES 12 - 15
The Laurus Leadership Program is geared to providing our young adults with the tools to be confident in themselves, to learn how to lead and impact those around them, and what their future roles may require of them. Most notably, the leadership program provides unique opportunities to learn through entrepreneurship, taking initiative around camp, and learning the power of empathy to give back to the community!
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The Leadership Program is geared at providing our young adults with the tools to be confident, to lead, to take initiative, and to promote and/or build understanding of their mental wellness, strengths and weaknesses, and role in society.

Every day the program is split into 50% leadership activities: working with our leadership counsellor on understanding themselves better and practicing some of their leadership skills through taking initiative around camp. The other 50% is a time for them to be kids, to participate in sports activities, themed activities and group fun!

We are aware that at their age, it can be difficult to engage kids in a program that they think they could do without. However, our very talented Leadership counsellors are trained to engage the kids in activities that are geared to promote participation, involvement and enjoyment in what they are doing. Many of our leadership campers grow with Laurus and learn the skills needed to work in an environment for kids – some even become junior counsellors once they turn 16!

Note: the Leadership Program we have in place is meant to teach through having fun, so many of our leadership campers either are unaware that the activities they are participating in are teaching them new skills or want to continue learning about our leadership topics!