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Specific Training Areas

Specialized Activities for all kids!
STAs: Only At Laurus!
Every March Break or Summer we offer Specific Training Areas - these programs run for 75 minutes each day and provide your child with an opportunity to specialize in an activity of their choice for the week. The STA's theme and lessons change week-to-week, so you are more than welcome to sign up your child for nine weeks in the "same program" knowing it will be different every single day!
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Specific Training Areas (STA’s): For 75 minutes every day campers specialize in an area of interest. They work with a specialist in that field and all of our specialists are trained to make the learning first and foremost FUN!

Each camper will choose an STA for one week (they can participate in the same STA each week, the weekly programs in each STA changes), but we recommend trying new activities if campers are with us for a few weeks.

Our programs stem from three (3) main categories:

At Laurus, the Arts, are just as important as the Academics. The ability to engage a child’s mind creatively, to think outside the box, to listen to the rhythm, understand the beat, discover the movements of their body through dance, the steadiness of their hand through sketching, the chemistry of cooking, and the confidence building in Drama. The skills you learn in the arts is what you usually share as a strength in future job interviews!

VISUAL ARTS: Every week we have a different theme (i.e. architecture, water colour, profiles, etc.) and we work with the kids every day on a daily project as well as a weekly project. Constantly engaging in the technique, style, and history of the art they are learning!

DANCE: Mainly a mix between Hip Hop and Jazz, our dancers pick a song for the week, learn to warm up, move to the beat, help in choreography, and then preform on Friday, for the entire camp!

DRAMA: Now, this one is a fan favourite. The kids pick a play, learn their lines, work on stage presence, set design, articulating, expressing, and on Friday, man do they put on a great show!

COOKING: Let’s get back into the kitchen! It’s time! At Laurus we want to inspire kids to engage in the food they eat, understand what they eat, the process and science behind cooking, and the way food influences and interacts with our body! Definitely a fan favourite!

ENGLISH: Many of our campers come to Laurus to learn English, a majority of our counsellers are billingual and can communicate with kids in both French and English. However, during English STA time, we assess each child’s level and then work to improve on their writing, reading, and oral skills through games, books, creative writing activities, improve, and more.

FRENCH: Our French STA is structured much like the English STA, where we assess each child’s level and then work to improve on their writing, reading, and oral skills through games, books, creating writing activities, improve, and more.

Note: The best way to truly grasp a new language is to immerse in it socially. At Laurus we work hard to communicate with those in the English and French STA’s in the language they are learning to give them more of an opportunity to engage in the language.

SCIENCE EXPLORATION: What ever happened to the saying “Science is Cool?" Well, Bill Nye may have stopped making TV shows, but we still very much so think that science is cool. Every week we have a different theme in Science STA that plays off a bigger theme of Biology, Chemistry, or Physics – from learning about the different biodomes, to learning about the pH Scale, to finally understanding that “what goes up, must come down" – we work hard to engage our campers  in learning these topics through experiments, hands on activities, and weekly projects!

MATH: The thing with math is that we all remember that moment where we just…got it. Where isolating the x-variable became natural, no longer having to recite in our heads “brackets, exponents, division, multiplication, additions, and subtraction" – where the equal sign and manipulating the numbers on either side, made sense. So, why not engage our campers in working towards that “I got it" feeling through engaging scavenger hunts that revolve around learning the area and perimeter, learning to add and subtract through playing hop scotch and drawings or isolating  the x through pretending you’re at a grocery store. Math is all around us, and we use it more often than we think, so let’s work together during the Math STA to ensure our kid’s understand that and understand that there are multiple ways of looking at a problem, so there are multiple solutions as well!

Ah yes, the sports! Now, sure it’s important to learn the rules in a game and be able to watch a football game and analyze the play, but what about learning the actual skills needed to play sports? That is what we intend to do with each sports STA, we will go over basics of the game and engage in the analyzing of plays and strategies, but we will focus on the footwork and agility of soccer, the tactic and style of football, the stamina and vertical needed in Basketball, and the different training methods and styles in fitness!

Sports STA’s:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Fitness