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This week’s #FridayFeature is @foxymtl! Located at 1638, Notre-Dame West in Montreal, this cozy upscale bistro is a recurring favourite of anyone who has been there. Their ever-changing menu means that you are in for a surprise any time you visit, and it is always delicious! Foxy is known in part for their wood-fired oven, which is visible to the restaurant patrons and contributes to the amazing atmosphere! Try to grab a seat at the bar and enjoy a front row view as the chefs create and cook their amazing dishes. Foxy offers individual meals, but our favourite way to enjoy their food is through their tapas-style sharing menu! Whichever way you decide to order, make sure you try one of their wood-oven flatbreads — they never disappoint!
For our moody, yet wonderful teenagers and anyone who is interested in music, we recommend checking out live music and poetry at Le Cagibi. The vegetarian café offers a family-friendly space to experience Montreal’s vibrant music scene. A short walk from Le Cagibi, Resonance Café hosts live Jazz sets every night starting at 6pm. These performances are sure to inspire kids to pick up an instrument or actually start practicing the piano! Remember, you do not have to do something every weekend that the kids rant and rave about, just give them a diversity of experiences that they will learn from instead!
DID YOU KNOW: Babies and young kids, both have a hard time figuring out and separating background noises from voices speaking. So sometimes, a toddler isn’t ignoring being called, they are just dealing with the challenge of lacking response skills.
CUT THAT OUT: Your teenager wants to be independent, but can't make their own lunch? Perhaps we cut that out, and if they can't make their lunch, maybe they can't go to the party on Friday all by themselves...
Babysitter? Oh we have got some for you; just give us a call at 514 600 0504.