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Juniors Program

AGES 3 - 4
In 2014 Laurus was proud to announce that they launched their Juniors Laurus Program! This program was designed to give even our youngest community members a chance to learn and engage in unique, safe and creative activities!
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The Laurus Juniors Program is an extremely hands on program that ensure the safety and well being of even the youngest in our families. We know that it can be difficult to drop any child off at school, camp, or daycare and feel 100% confident that they are safe and sound; but know that we are aware of this and have put all necessary precautions in place to ensure safety and also, fun!

We ensure their safety through a one (1) to three (3)  ratio of counseller to camper. We engage in dialogue with the parents to ensure any routines, eating habits, and nap time needs, are appropriately met. Lastly, we mold the schedule to their needs, not the other way around, to ensure everything from their basic needs to cognitive needs are met.

We move juniors through the STA’s throughout the day and let them experience multiple in one week. We do not recommend that a Junior sign up for one STA a week, as we will ensure they experience the STA’s they are interested in and also ensure that they are stimulated throughout the 75 minute sessions.

The juniors will bake once a week, have story time, play water sports (sprinklers), a quiet time or nap time for those who need it, we do learning activities through games and songs, etc.

Due to their age we offer a more flexible program that caters to their needs!