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Juniors Program

AGES 3 to 4
Our revamped Laurus Juniors Program was designed to ensure that even our youngest of campers receive an enriched learning experience that will provide them with the opportunity to advance their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. Through various channels of exploration and discovery, our Juniors will be able to learn about themselves, and the world that surrounds them on a day to day basis!
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The New Juniors Program for Preschool Children

Our new and improved Juniors Program caters to preschool children and their needs. It provides them with a personal, and hands on experience, as our counsellor to camper ratio is a one (1) to three (3). We believe in always tailoring our schedules and activities according to our Juniors and their needs on a weekly basis.

Additionally, we pride ourselves in maintaining an open dialogue with parents, to ensure that everyone’s needs are met appropriately.

Throughout the summer, the Juniors will be exposed to a variety of experiences, including story times, circle times, sensory activities, physical activities, and little life lessons that will leave them better equipped to tackle day to day challenges!

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Program Themes

Learning Skills

The new Juniors Program features weekly learning themes. Every morning our juniors will spend time with their counsellors exploring a daily lesson. The lesson will follow the weekly theme and will incorporate play based learning. These lessons help prepare preschool aged children for school and growing up.

Creative Skills

Once a day, juniors will get a chance to unleash their creativity. They will have a chance to explore Science and Art in a way that is both fun and educational. The creative themes are the main weekly theme and are carried out throughout the entire week.

Physical Skills

One of the biggest things for preschool aged children is learning how to use their bodies. Time slots dedicated to physical skills will focus on physical activities. The children will play sports, dance, do yoga and have the time of their lives, all while increasing their coordination and agility!

Specific Training Areas

One of Laurus’ main assets is our STAs. Our new Juniors Program now lets your child explore a new STA every day. The group will try out the Dance, Art, Science, Soccer and Cooking STAs every week, without having to pay STA fees!