Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find your answers here, do not hesitate to call or email us!

What is a Specific Training Area?

Specific Training Areas (STA’s): For 75 minutes every day campers specialize in an area of interest. They work with a specialist in that field and all of our specialists are trained to make the learning first and foremost FUN!

Each camper will choose an STA for one week (they can participate in the same STA each week, the weekly programs in each STA changes), but we recommend trying new activities if campers are with us for a few weeks.

Our programs stem from three (3) main categories:

Art: Cooking, Dance, Drama, Visual Arts, and Music

Academics: English, French, Science Exploration, and Mathematics

Sports: Soccer, Football, Basketball, and Fitness

Can I switch the STA during the week?

Yes and No – isn’t that the answer you were looking for?

Yes, you can switch the STA prior to the start of the week; however, once the week has started switching STA’s a little more difficult.

We treat it case-by-case when someone wants to switch an STA on Tuesday.

We do not switch STA’s after Tuesday – we encourage parents to promote sticking to one thing and we work hard to ensure that your child enjoys the STA they are enrolled in!

Can my child be in the same group as their friend or sibling?

Yes, your child can be paired with their friend or sibling if they are around the same age. We always put the youngest of the two or three in the older group as it is easier for them to integrate with older activities, compared to making the older one integrate into younger activities.

If the gap between friends or siblings is more than two years, we do not encourage putting the youngest up with the older group. It is not fair to them, since the activities will not be geared to their strengths and age group, and they usually stick with their older sibling or friend not allowing them to fully integrate into the program and meet other friends.

Our campers see each other often throughout the day, so they won’t be apart all day!

How many counsellors are with each group?

Juniors: 1 to 3 counsellor to camper ratio

Regular: 1 to 5 counsellor to camper ratio

Leadership: 1 to 8 counsellor to camper ratio

If I am going to be late dropping off for camp, what should I do?

Please inform the camp by emailing or calling us at (514) 600 – 0504 – to ensure we have someone downstairs to check you in!

If I need to pick up my child early, how do I inform you?

Please inform the camp by emailing or calling us at (514) 600 – 0504 – to ensure we have someone downstairs to check you in!

What security measures are in place to ensure my childs safety throughout the day?

You will have a check-out code for each child.

Upon picking up your child, you will have to provide your child’s code, or you will not be able to take your child until we call the emergency contacts and confirm that you are in fact who you say you are.

If another family member or a friend will be picking up your child, please inform us of who, and ensure they have the code.

We have zero exceptions to this rule.

We are also on private property and only we are in the building, so we monitor who enters and exits the building constantly. We also do not allow parents inside during drop-off and pick-up due to the high volume of people there at the time, it is difficult to monitor who is in and out, so we do not allow anyone inside unless they have informed us prior to their arrival and explicit permission has been given by a Director or Manager.

If my child is having a hard time integrating at camp, will you inform me?

Yes, if your child is having a hard time integrating at camp, we will ensure that you are aware.

However, we ask that parents understand that it always takes time to get used to a new environment. Especially for our younger kids, we need to take time to get them used to it and for them to learn to trust and adore our counsellors.

We have a minimum two week registration for this purpose – we work hard to integrate your child into our activities and ensure they have a good time. So, we ask that you give us that time to get to know your child. We would love to assume that every child who walks in our doors will love us in an instant, and although that is usually the case, we know that kid’s are different and need to be treated as individuals.

If your child has suggestions or if you notice something that we could do to improve your child’s time at camp, please share. We want you to feel comfortable coming to us with your questions and concerns.

If my child is sick, can they still come to camp?

Use your best judgment in deciding whether or not a child who is sick should be sent to camp.

If your child has a fever, diarrhea, or is vomiting, we will not accept them at camp. If these symptoms appear at camp, we will call you to pick them up.

Can I switch weeks around prior to the start of camp?

Yes, you can switch which weeks your child attends camp no problem and free of charge.

If you registered for three weeks, you can tell us which three weeks you want at any time prior to camp, or by latest the Thursday before each week.

For Example: If you want to switch week two for week three, you can let us know by the Thursday before week two.

Can I accompany my child for a day at camp?

No, you may not attend camp with your child.

This is due to safety precautions that we have to take into account.

You can arrange a tour of the facilities with an administrative staff member at

How often do the kids put sunscreen on?

Every morning we put sunscreen on before going outside. We also put sunscreen on before going out to Lunch and once again before Water Sports in the afternoon.

We always have a sunscreen time at least twice a day, depending on the day it can increase to three or even four.

How often do the kids get water breaks?

We ask our parents to ensure that every child comes to camp with a water bottle to encourage drinking water constantly throughout the day.

We always break to fill up water bottles and if for any reason a child has not brought a water bottle with them, we will ensure they are either given one or they get to drink water multiple times throughout the day.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

Yes, we encourage all of our campers who come to camp to be potty trained.

That being said, some of our juniors are just learning and will have accidents or wear pull-ups that our counsellors may need to change at any given point. Our counsellors are trained to deal with these situations.

All diapers and wipes must be provided from home.

Is there a nap time for campers?

We do have a nap time/ quiet time for our juniors. We ask that our parents provide blankets and/or stuffed animals (anything your child needs to sleep), we have mats that the kids can sleep on.

How often does my child get a bathroom break?

Whenever they need it, they get it.

We will remind them during the day, but the moment they say that they need to use the washroom, we will ensure that they get to one!

How do I cancel a week?

Please call us at (514) 600 – 0504 or email us at


– There is a $75/per week cancelled, cancellation fee that is agreed upon on the online registration form.

– You cannot cancel a week that has already started, there will be no refund issued for that week as we have allocated staff and material to host your child for that time