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Entrepreneurship Program

Laurus Camp has been working in partnership with Startupfest for three years now. This partnership is born from a desire and wish to inspire our youth to take control of their ideas, to engage in their creativity and to think outside the box. Every summer, the Leadership crew (Ages 12- 15) gets to meet local and international entrepreneurs during the first three weeks of camp, who will share their stories, inspire our kids, and guide them through the development of their own ideas! This program has seen campers grow and mature into young entrepreneurs who not only share their ideas, but who also believe in their ideas. See below for more details!

The Entrepreneurship Program always runs during the first three weeks of summer camp.

(1) Brainstorming/Creative – Week One – Campers will work with mentors to find an idea, so we ask our mentors to come with one or two ideas on how to inspire our campers to be creative and help them find confidence in their own thoughts!

(2) Developing/Refining – Week Two – Campers will already have their own (or group) idea and they will work with the mentors to determine the obstacles they may face, help them with the logistics of their idea, how to “start" and determine their financial needs. We ask our mentors to help our campers refine their ideas, actually help them determine the first steps in putting their ideas into motion.

(3) Pitches/Presentation – Week Three – Throughout the three weeks our kids will work to develop a pitch to present to Laurus Camp, we ask our mentors who participate in this phase to listen to their pitches, provide their feedback on not only the content, but their overall confidence and presentation. Give them tips on how to sell their product to investors who don’t know the first thing about them.

Every week the leadership crew will meet with two or three mentors – we end our Entrepreneurship Program by taking the kids to the Startupfest in Old Port Montreal. They get to meet so many other entrepreneurs, listen to live pitches on stage, and they even get to award a Kid’s Choice Award on the best pitch!

It has been amazing to watch our leadership crew participate in this program, not only does it help them understand the world of entrepreneurship, but it gives them confidence in their own thinking and potential to build their own future.