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We don't just put our time into Laurus, we put our hearts into Laurus
2017 Letter to Parents
Meet Our Executive Team

Dear Parents,

Laurus Camp is more than just a place that celebrates the idea of “recess" all day. One of our main goals is to once again try to marry the concepts of education and enjoyment for the youth in our community. Too often we hear of the stresses related to school and kids are having a harder time finding the enjoyment linked to discovery and learning. Therefore, one of our main goals is to try and bring those concepts back together again to promote and cultivate creativity, ambition, the willingness to discover, to make mistakes and to learn from them.

We do this through a number of unique programs that we offer: firstly, through our Specific Training Areas (STA’s) that provide campers with 75 minutes of focused learning on an area of interest, the purpose of this time is to learn about new concepts and ideas, while having fun. We offer programs in three main categories, Arts (Drama, Dance, Music, Art, and Cooking), Academics (English, French, Math, and Science), and Sports (Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, and Baseball). Campers work with a specialist in this field for 75 minutes every day (they can change their activities week to week) and by the end of each week, our campers always come out more curious and willing to try new things!

Secondly, we offer a unique Entrepreneurship and Fundraiser program for our Leadership Crew (ages 12 – 15). Our campers work with young entrepreneurs from their community on cultivating their own ideas and go through the process of brainstorming, predicting obstacles, and pitching their product to “dragons" in our own Dragon’s Den. Our Fundraiser program, or #KIDSCAN as we like to call it, is geared at teaching our campers the importance of giving back to their community and in being active citizens. We have given to the SPCA, Alzheimer’s Society of Montreal, the Vivo Fund, and the Bell Fund. Our kids help organize everything and with every week that goes by, their maturity and compassion grows.

Last, but certainly not least, our entire program is geared to promote a healthy lifestyle. We teach our campers how to work together, how to play together, and how to support one another. We bring guest speakers – i.e. Olympians, musical artists, etc. and offer our campers Yoga and Zumba too! We are a diverse camp that is inclusive in every way and wants nothing more than our campers to leave at the end of the day having learned something new, had fun while doing it, and who care for one another.

We hope that our LSC family continues to grow and that our dream of sparking discovery in the hearts and minds of all the campers we interact with every day continues to be our reality.

Respectfully Yours,